University Catalog 2019-2020

Managerial Perspectives (PERS)

Managerial Perspectives (PERS)

PERS 4570  Business Svc Learning Int  (1-3 Credit Hours)  

This practicum is designed for students who are participating in an intensive business public service internship experience. The goal of this course is to offer students an opportunity to discuss issues related to their service learning internship experience, to encourage them to actively explore issues related to both their internship setting and their major, and to facilitate individual growth and career development. The course requires 60 hours of public service and contains a workshop that meets one hour per week for ten weeks. The course provides three credits towards the BSM degree. Students are restricted to one internship for credit. Corequisite: PERS 4890

PERS 6010  Career Development I  (0 Credit Hours)  

This seminar, graded on a pass/fail basis, begins during MBA orientation and is designed to provide students with the tools and information to identify appropriate career goals. Additionally, students will begin the development of their internship and job search strategies. Topics include: networking skills development, business etiquette/protocol, and interviewing skills. A passing grade in this seminar is required for graduation from the two-year MBA program only.

PERS 6050  Job of The Executive  (2 Credit Hours)  

This intensive course, held during orientation, helps students think critically about their role as an executive in an organization. Further, it develops students' understanding of leadership, developing strategies, and managing organizational issues. With the overwhelming amount of information regarding these subjects, the successful executive will understand the daily issues dealt with and the problems that arise, then develop strategies to overcome these issues and problems in order to create a high performing organization. Through readings, discussions, experiential learning, and business detailed analyses of outcomes, students develop new solutions to problems or issues and think critically about the role of the executive.

PERS 6140  Leadership Development  (0 Credit Hours)  

PERS 6150  Law and Business Seminar  (0 Credit Hours)  

PERS 6200  Healthcare Industry Seminar  (0 Credit Hours)  

PERS 6210  Healthcare Industry II  (3 Credit Hours)