Education - Lib Arts (EDLA)

Education - Lib Arts (EDLA)

EDLA 1890  Service Learning -300  (1 Credit Hour)  

EDLA 1940  Transfer Coursework  (3 Credit Hours)  

EDLA 2000  Education In A Diverse Society  (3 Credit Hours)  

Education in a Diverse Society is an introductory course for those preparing for certification to teach. The overarching goal is to catalyze and refine innate skills for developing social change in the context of the current educational systems locally, nationally, and internationally. This course examines the historical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, organizational, and socio-cultural bases of American education and the political influences as they relate to contemporary issues in education in the United States. It is designed to assist students in determining if they want to pursue teaching as a career and it helps prospective teachers to gain a valid and comprehensive knowledge of what is involved in a teaching career. Emphasis is placed upon reflection, inquiry, and personal involvement in planning an effective and successful career in education. Co-requisite: EDLA 2890 or EDUC 3250

EDLA 2890  Service Learning: EDLA 2000  (1 Credit Hour)  

This course provides opportunities for observation and participation for students who are exploring an interest in teacher certification. Students observe and participate in a variety of school and classroom settings, including urban, suburban, and inner-city schools for a total of twenty hours. Students meet for debriefing sessions during the semester and complete a final project. (Liberal Arts). Co-requisite: EDLA 2000

Corequisite(s): EDLA 2000.

EDLA 2940  Transfer Coursework  (3 Credit Hours)  

EDLA 3160  Child & Adolescent Lit  (3 Credit Hours)  

This course is designed to provide prospective teachers with an overview of the field of children’s literature with a focus on works appropriate for children and young adults. The history, philosophy, significant authors and texts, and major genres of children’s literature will be explored.