University Catalog 2019-2020

Law Summer Program in Germany (LGER)

Law Summer Program in Germany (LGER)

LGER 1000  Law - Summer In Germany  (0 Credit Hours)  

Law summer abroad in Berlin, Germany.

LGER 4610  Int'l Negotiation & Mediation  (3 Credit Hours)  

The two-week Program focuses on the cutting edge of alternative dispute resolution in a cross-cultural setting. The 3 credit hours involve a combination of workshops, role-play exercises, lectures, and other presentations. Each workshop group is diversified to contain as many nationalities as possible, creating an international experience like no other program of its kind. The lectures and small group sessions will provide the standard training in both the theory and basic skills of negotiation and mediation. One major objective is to develop negotiation and mediation skills in cross-cultural transactions involving participants of different nationalities and diverging expectations. Even experienced mediators in the U.S., where the use of mediation has advanced rapidly in recent years, encounter unexpected pitfalls when applying their skills in mediations between parties from different countries and cultures. The academic course will be graded on a Pass/C/Fail scale. A passing grade necessarily means that a student received a grade of C or better. The course focuses on negotiation during the first week of the program and mediation in the second week.