Art History (PAAH)

Art History (PAAH)

PAAH 3300  Traditions in Louisiana and Southern Art  (3)  

The class “Tradition in Louisiana Art: 1780-2020” will provide an in-depth study of the development of artistic styles in Louisiana and the American South from the late eighteenth century up to the twentieth-first century. Among the topics that will be explored are the work of the nineteenth-century portrait and landscape artists, African American artists, women artists, Woodward Brothers and Newcomb Pottery, regional southern impressionism, southern outsider and folk art, Florida Highway Men, Louisiana and southern photography, Charleston Renaissance, Mississippi art in the mid twentieth century, and twentieth century Louisiana art

PAAH 3310  Photography in Louisiana and the American South  (3)  

The class “Photography in the Louisiana and the American South” will provide an in-depth study of the development of photography in Louisiana and the American South from 1839 when the Frenchman Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre announced the invention of the photographic process. Photography reflected the times and history of the Louisiana and South thought portraiture, the documentation of the Civil War from a southern perspective, rural southern communities, effects of weather along the Mississippi River, documentation of historical architecture, life in the French Quarter and musical traditions of jazz and Zydeco music. The pictorialism work of “Pops” Whitesell and Arnold Genthe, early documentary style of Theodore Lilienthal and George François Mugnier, straight photography of Fonville Winans, Eudora Welty, and Michael P. Smith, Storyville images of Ernst Bellocq and the 20th century art photography of Debbie Fleming Caffery and Jerry Uelsmann will be explored.

PAAH 3910  Special Topics  (1-3)  

Special topics in Art History.