Law Special Courses (LAWS)

Law Special Courses (LAWS)

LAWS 6000  Mindfulness for Lawyers  (0 Credit Hours)  

The 30-minute sessions are designed to help you reduce stress, increase concentration, and thrive during exam period.

LAWS 6010  Pretrial Civil Lit Bootcamp  (1 Credit Hour)  

This course is designed to teach students the fundamental skills necessary to represent clients in civil discovery and motion practice before trial.  The course concentrates on developing skills in client communication, drafting pleadings, preparing and responding to written discovery, arguing pretrial motions, and preparing for and taking the depositions of both fact and expert witnesses.  Throughout the individual lessons, the faculty spends time discussing case development, the burden of proof at trial, and the witnesses and exhibits that an attorney will need to obtain in preparation for representing their client before a jury.  The faculty also discusses related issues including insurance coverage and its effect on the attorney-client relationship and execution of a potential judgment.  The course’s explicit focus on pretrial practice reflects the availability of further education in trial skills through Tulane’s Trial Advocacy program and Tulane’s clinical programs.   

LAWS 6020  Pretrial Criminal Lit Bootcamp  (1 Credit Hour)  

This course hopes to teach students three critical skills required for pretrial advocacy in criminal litigation: information gathering; drafting motions; and arguing motions.  The course will focus on the five matters (and related motions) most commonly encountered in the interval between arrest and trial: (1) bail; (2) discovery; (3) “similar acts”/FRE 404B evidence; (4) motions to dismiss; and (5) motions to suppress evidence.  Students in the course will be divided into two groups – a prosecution track, and a defense track – and will be expected to learn what information is necessary for each motion; to research and write each motion; and then to argue their motion (or opposition) each day.  In addition, students will be expected to learn to formulate a theory of the case, either prosecution, or defense, and then to make strategic decisions consistent with that theory as they move through the pretrial process.  The course is designed to occupy the territory between classroom theory and trial practice.  Training in the latter area is readily available through Tulane’s Trial Advocacy program, Tulane’s Criminal Law Clinic, and Tulane’s supervised externships at public defenders’ and prosecutors’ offices.

LAWS 6030  Transactional Bootcamp  (1 Credit Hour)  

This course will consist of a series of counseling, negotiation, due diligence, and drafting exercises structured around a basic corporate transaction (e.g., an asset purchase).  The course will introduce students to fundamental deal skills, such as structuring the timetable for a transaction, eliciting and drafting the operative business terms, identifying legal and business risks and negotiating corresponding risk-shifting and risk-reduction provisions, and reviewing and drafting the ancillary documents necessary to consummate the transaction. 

LAWS 6040  Business Literacy  (1 Credit Hour)  

The Business Literacy Intersession will be co-taught by professors from the Law School and the A.B. Freeman School of Business and will be designed to cover a range of basic concepts in an engaging and interactive format. We hope that this track will appeal to students interested in careers in commercial or transactional practice (particularly, in anticipation of the summer interview season), as well as students who might be interested in pursuing a joint degree (JD/MBA) or who would like a leg up before taking upper-level business, tax or commercial law courses.

LAWS 6050  IP Lab  (1 Credit Hour)  

The two IP Labs in Patent and Trademark allow students to obtain practical, real-world experience representing clients in patent and trademark matters on a pro bono basis before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Students under supervision help screen and interview clients, conduct patentability or registerability searches, counsel the client regarding the results, and, if appropriate, draft and file patent or trademark applications, responses, and other documents necessary to the application. 2Ls and 3Ls may apply for this limited enrollment course by completing an experiential application (“ONEAPP”). Students applying for the IP Lab in patents must have the technical background described at pp. 4-10 in the General Requirements Bulletin on the USPTO website, available at  

LAWS 6100  Writing to Persuade  (1 Credit Hour)  

To write to persuade, which is to say, to write to win, you must above all else, and first of all, write to win trust. Judges, clerks, arbitrators, mediators, and indeed, clients, are overworked. They are busy. They have more to read than they have time.  They are irritated with bad writing. Which is to say unclear writing. Overwrought writing. Wasteful writing. If you want to persuade your client to send more work, to persuade your judge to actually read your brief (beyond the first page), you must immediately establish credibility – that he or she can entrust to you his or her time, attention, and patience. Students will work to unlearn bad habits, to overwrite “grammar” shibboleths, and to hone the craft of persuasive writing through a series of practical exercises as well as a larger writing project. Successful students will develop a quality writing example.  

LAWS 6500  Semester Abroad Australia  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in Australia.

LAWS 6510  Semester Abroad - Argentina  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in Argentina.

LAWS 6520  Semester Abroad Hong Kong  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in Hong Kong.

LAWS 6540  Semester Abroad Copenhagen  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in Denmark.

LAWS 6550  Semester Abroad France  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in France.

LAWS 6570  Semester Abroad Germany  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in Germany.

LAWS 6580  Semester Abroad Israel  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in Israel.

LAWS 6600  Semester Abroad Amsterdam  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in Amsterdam.

LAWS 6610  Semester Abroad Netherlands  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in The Netherlands.

LAWS 6620  Semester Abroad - Barcelona  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in Spain.

LAWS 6630  Semester Abroad - Colombia  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in Colombia.

LAWS 6640  Semester Abroad China  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in China.

LAWS 6650  Semester Abroad Switzerland  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in Switzerland.

LAWS 6651  Semester Abroad Sweden  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law study abroad in Sweden.

LAWS 7990  Law Research  (0 Credit Hours)  

Special research topics for visiting scholars.

LAWS 9100  Directed Research  (1-3 Credit Hours)  

Independent Study.

LAWS 9220  Law Transfer Elective  (1-20 Credit Hours)  

Law transfer coursework.

LAWS 9230  Law Transfer Elective  (1-20 Credit Hours)  

Law transfer coursework.

LAWS 9240  Law Transfer Elective  (1-20 Credit Hours)  

Law transfer coursework.

LAWS 9250  Law Transfer Elective  (1-20 Credit Hours)  

Law transfer coursework.

LAWS 9400  Law Externship Seminar  (1 Credit Hour)  

One-credit, graded co-requisite seminar component for the Law externships.

LAWS 9500  Law ESL Program  (0 Credit Hours)  

English as a second language for Law students.

LAWS 9600  Law Study Abroad  (0-14 Credit Hours)  

Law Exchange Student Study Abroad.

LAWS 9990  Dissertation Research  (0 Credit Hours)  

Research topics for Law SJD students.