University Catalog 2022-2023

Historic Preservation (PRES)

Historic Preservation (PRES)

PRES 2105  Architecture, Heritage and Culture  (3)  

PRES 2220  Conservation Techology  (3)  

PRES 4570  Preservation CPS Internship  (3)  

PRES 4910  Independent Study  (1-6)  

Course Limit: 2

PRES 6041  Preservation Studio I  (6)  

PRES 6042  Preservation Studio II  (6)  

PRES 6050  Heritage Risk Lab  (1-6)  

The Heritage Risk Lab is an interdisciplinary research studio focused on engaged research related to risk, resilience, and sustainability of heritage resources in light of developmental, cultural, and environmental pressures. Themes include disaster/hazard survey and assessment, mitigation, disaster/hazard recovery and preparedness. Each year, the course content will be built around a project within the New Orleans region.

PRES 6100  Introduction to Historic Preservation  (3)  

PRES 6120  History American Architecture  (3)  

PRES 6130  Archival and Historical Research Methods  (3)  

This course introduces students to the core elements of archival and documentary research. These skills are critical to success in advance courses as students are tasked with real-world research and coursework that requires competency in archival and documentary research.

PRES 6151  New Orleans Architecture  (3)  

PRES 6210  Architectural Conservation Lab  (6)  

The Architectural Conservation Lab will introduce students to the fundamentals of architectural conservation through hands-on experiential learning and laboratory analysis.

PRES 6220  Conservation Technology  (3)  

PRES 6310  Digital Tools in Historic Preservation  (3)  

The course provides advanced training in digital documentation technology, geographic information systems (GIS), and database platforms for the collection, management, and dissemination of preservation data and interpretation.

PRES 6510  Preservation Professional Development  (1)  

A one-credit professional development course will prepare students to enter the preservation workforce through the development of practical skills. Course content includes professional development workshops and guest lectures from practitioners discussing their career paths and informing students on the breadth of the field of preservation.

PRES 6520  Environmental Law: Historic Preservation  (2)  

PRES 6530  Preservation Economics  (3)  

PRES 6540  Preservation Advocacy  (3)  

PRES 6560  Preservation Internship  (3)  

PRES 6910  Independent Study  (1-6)  

Course Limit: 2

PRES 6930  Special Topics  (1-6)  

Course Limit: 2

PRES 6980  Preservation Research Seminar  (3)  

This course provides students with a foundation in the research methods in historic preservation as a starting point to the thesis/practicum work completed in Year 2 of the program.

PRES 6985  Preservation Practicum  (6)  

PRES 6990  Preservation Thesis  (6)  

PRES 9980  Thesis Research  (0)