Architecture (PAAR)

Architecture (PAAR)

PAAR 1230  New Orleans Architecture  (3)  

This illustrated course examines New Orleans architecture from the city's founding in 1718 to the present time, as well as its historic neighborhoods. The city's architectural legacy will be explored from the standpoint of broad architectural stylistic trends, their relationship to national and international trends, the forces and architects that helped shape the styles, and local building types. Thirty-eight architectural styles will be examined, including Colonial, Revivals, Aesthetic, Eclectic, Arts and Crafts, and Modern Movement. Identifying characteristics and materials of each style will be discussed through numerous illustrations of demonstrating the variety of each style based on the most current research. Historic interiors and landscapes will be perfunctorily addressed. Field observations of historic architecture will be included, as well as urban history of New Orleans.

PAAR 2600  Old & Green Restoration  (3)  

The purpose of this class is to provide an introduction on where Historic Preservation and Environmental Conservation overlap in practice and theory. Topics include sustainability, preservation and environmental planning, rural preservation, easements and transfer of development rights, Smart Growth, adaptive reuse, green building, heritage eco-tourism, historic places and global climate change, and interior environmental health.

PAAR 2610  If These Buildings Could Talk  (3)  

The future of the past is the heart of historic preservation, the topic of “If These Buildings Could Talk”. It is a field of study that offers insight into a variety of fields that deal with change and what should be saved for the next generation. Our culture is reflected in our buildings, landscapes, material culture, and intangible heritage. This class will provide a broad introductory background on the field of historic preservation, looking at issues of conservation, planning, management, and methodology. Besides buildings, we will also study the people who used them, historical events and significance, vehicles, and architectural design for a more holistic understanding of preservation.

PAAR 2620  City Streets Urban Living  (3)  

This class is an introduction to the diverse range of disciplines and approaches to the study of all aspects of cities and suburbs. This includes economics, planning, architecture, ecology, transportation systems, politics, social relations, etc. This is in contrast to rural studies.

PAAR 2910  Special Topics  (3)  

Special topics in architecture. Course may be repeated unlimited times for credit.

Course Limit: 99