University Catalog 2019-2020

Intl Studies Intl Business (ISIB)

Intl Studies Intl Business (ISIB)

ISIB 1890  Service Learning: ISIB 1010  (0-1 Credit Hours)  

ISIB 1910  Study Abroad Pre-Dep  (1 Credit Hour)  

This course is designed to give Altman Scholars the information and skills necessary to make the most out of their Rising Sophomore Study Abroad Experience. Through this experience, students will cultivate intercultural communication skills, enhance their knowledge of an important emerging market, be pushed out of their comfort zone, and provide meaningful public service in an international context. This course will equip students with the skills to maximize these outcomes through classroom learning, experiential reflection assignments, and research projects.

ISIB 2010  InterCultural Comm and Busin  (3 Credit Hours)  

Prerequisite(s): ISIB 1010.

ISIB 2020  Special Topics  (3 Credit Hours)  

This course urges students to consider their role in their local environments as they prepare for and embark on their education abroad journey. Together, we will examine the methods available to study abroad students to learn about and exist within the various cultures that comprise our everyday locales. We will also deconstruct the notion of a “global citizen” in order to redefine the many ways that one can become a global citizen in our modern, interconnected world.

ISIB 2890  Service Learning: ISIB 2010  (0-1 Credit Hours)  

ISIB 3010  Introduction to Globalization  (3 Credit Hours)  

Open to Altman scholars only, this course will utilize interdisciplinary and experiential approaches to explore of debates surrounding globalization.

ISIB 3890  Service Learning: ISIB 3010  (0-1 Credit Hours)  

The class to be administered partly on campus and partially in Thailand.

ISIB 6010  Approaches to Global Dilemmas  (3,4 Credit Hours)  

Utilizing approaches to learning that are theoretical, empirical, and interdisciplinary, this course will assess contemporary global dilemmas in a variety of developing and developed world regions and the corresponding role of the states in combatting political, ecological, economic insecurity. The course is taught by faculty in various social sciences and humanities disciplines.

Prerequisite(s): ISIB 2010.

ISIB 6020  Altman Senior Seminar  (1 Credit Hour)  

The course an experiential quasi-independent study that affords graduating seniors an opportunity to critically reflect upon the knowledge and skills gained through the Altman curriculum and their study abroad experiences. Students will assess the “higher level learning” and personal transformation that took place during their junior year abroad experiences. They will also attend scholarly events rooted in liberal arts and business disciplines and utilize the methodological approaches and theoretical content gained through the Altman Program to critically the theoretical and empirical questions presented at these events.