Global Finance (GFIN)

Global Finance (GFIN)

GFIN 7010  Corporate Finance  (2-3)  

GFIN 7020  Intl Financial Managemnt  (1-3)  

GFIN 7030  Investments  (3)  

GFIN 7040  Fixed Income Analytics  (3)  

GFIN 7050  Options, Futures & Deriv  (3)  

GFIN 7060  Valuation & Finc Enterpr  (3)  

GFIN 7110  Financial Institutes & Markets  (3)  

GFIN 7120  Cases in Financial Management  (3)  

GFIN 7130  Financial Law & Regulation  (3)  

GFIN 7140  Portfolio Management  (3)  

GFIN 7660  Risk Management  (3)  

This course includes the key elements of classic corporate risk management and covers the pricing and use of derivative securities to manage corporate risk. Applications of the use of derivative securities to manage risk will have an emphasis on the use of derivative securities to manage the corporate risk of financial institutions. Business cases and simulations reinforce key concepts and focus on the practical application of risk management tools. This course is timely due to the recent Dodd-Frank Act and Basel 3. Topics will include Value-at risk (VaR), sensitivity analysis (and its connection to regulatory capital requirements), stress testing, and credit risk management. Students will complete an empirical project that will include a VaR Analysis Report utilizing stress testing.