University Catalog 2019-2020

MD - Emergency Medicine (EMER)

MD - Emergency Medicine (EMER)

EMER 4000  Emergency Medicine  (4 Credit Hours)  

Emergency Medicine in New Orleans is a fascinating and challenging blend of fast-paced patient care, hands-on learning, multidisciplinary team interactions, and a strong focus on the social determinants of health. In Advanced Emergency Medicine, students will obtain insight into and experience with the principles and practice of emergency medicine and trauma care; gain knowledge and skills in the evaluation and treatment of the acutely ill undifferentiated patient; be exposed to a variety of procedural experiences; and explore the variety of subspecialties and career options in Emergency Medicine. The 4-wk EMER4000 elective is open ONLY to students who intend to match in EMER.

EMER 4020  Emergency Medicine  (2 Credit Hours)  

Emergency Medicine (EM) is a broad, complex discipline with a wealth of patient encounters unmatched by most other specialties. Evaluation of the undifferentiated patient – that is, figuring out who is truly “sick” or “not sick” – is one of the most elusive yet important skills for any physician. Through this rotation, we aim to teach you basic skills in acute medical care, including simple and common procedures, and provide you with an evidence-based foundation for approaching patient care. Furthermore, by one-on-one interactions with faculty and residents, we hope to illustrate to you that every patient encounter can result in both formal and informal teaching and education. Evidence-based learning should occur as often as possible during the course of your shift. Finally, we intend to provide you with a healthy understanding of how a modern ED and trauma unit operates.