University Catalog 2019-2020

International Business (INBS)

International Business (INBS)

INBS 3100  International Business  (3 Credit Hours)  

This course deals with the management of global expansion and strategies of firms. To be successful in global business ventures, managers must be prepared to acknowledge and experience the complexities of operating in an international context. This task requires understanding how the world political and economic systems operate and knowing how the unique challenges of different business cultures and institutions affect the development and implementation of business strategies. This course introduces the student to some special business cases set in an international context: managing human resources, international finance, global operations, international team building and leadership, and business strategy.

Prerequisite(s): (ECON 1010 or 1030) or ECON 1010 or 1010 and (ECON 1020, 1020, 1020 or 1040) and (PSYC 1000, 1000, 1000 or 1010) and (MATH 1150 or 1210) and (MATH 1140 or 1230).

INBS 4100  Int'l Business Practices  (1-4 Credit Hours)  

INBS 4100 introduces students to international business practices as experienced in the context of a specific region or country. The course gives students international business exposure and a unique cultural experience with an opportunity to encounter, first-hand, a global business environment. The location, content, and schedule for this course vary each year. Approval from the Area Coordinator for Legal Studies, Business, and Business Communications required.

INBS 4200  Int'l Business Environment  (1-4 Credit Hours)  

INBS 4200 provides students with an understanding of the international environment in which businesses must operate. The course examines business practices abroad, patterns of international interdependence, international finance, global operations, and/or the effect of culture on conducting business internationally. The goal is to improve students’ critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills in international business operations. Approval from the Area Coordinator for Legal Studies, Business, and Business Communications required.

INBS 6610  Latin Amer Busn Environ  (3 Credit Hours)  

INBS 7000  Bus Modeling and Marketing  (3 Credit Hours)  

INBS 7100  Healthcare in Cent America  (3 Credit Hours)  

INBS 7200  Global Strategy & Competition  (3 Credit Hours)  

INBS 7300  International Finance  (3 Credit Hours)