University Catalog 2021-2022

Business Doctoral Courses (BUSN)

Business Doctoral Courses (BUSN)

BUSN 7010  Financial Economics Theory  (3)  

This is the first doctoral course on financial economics theory.

BUSN 7020  Investments and Asset Pricing  (3)  

This course is designed for doctoral students who intend to research in financial accounting, finance, or economics. The course will cover important and recent empirical papers in the investments area.

BUSN 7030  Empiracl Rsrch Acct/Finc  (3)  

BUSN 7040  Optimization Theory  (3)  

BUSN 7050  Micro-Economic Th I  (3)  

BUSN 7060  Micro-Economic Th II  (3)  

BUSN 7070  Incentives & Asymmetric Info  (3)  

BUSN 7080  Econ Theory of Organztns  (2-3)  

BUSN 7110  Analytical Acctng Theory  (3)  

BUSN 7120  Empirical Methods in Finance  (3)  

BUSN 7130  Corporate Finance Theory  (3)  

BUSN 7140  Empirical Research Paper  (3)  

BUSN 7141  Empirical Research Paper II  (3)  


BUSN 7150  Empirical Rsh in Acctg Seminar  (3)  


BUSN 7160  Empirical Acctg Research UU  (3)  

BUSN 7170  Empirical Research in Acct II  (3)  

This course provides an introduction to and overview of selected topics in financial accounting research. We will cover a broad area of research. Papers will be a mix of classic, contemporary, and review papers. Our main objective is to continue building your research skills, so that you will become a productive researcher in accounting.

BUSN 7180  Mathematical Economics I  (3)  

BUSN 7210  Empirical Finance Research I  (3)  

This is a doctoral seminar course on topics in empirical research, primarily in the area of corporate finance.

BUSN 7220  Empirical Finance Research II  (3)  

This is a doctoral course on topics in empirical finance research, primarily in the area of corporate finance.

BUSN 7230  Selected Topics in Fin and Acc  (3)  

This seminar covers selected topics in empirical Finance and Accounting research. The objectives of this course are to (i) provide an introduction to the basic building blocks of market-based research (ii) enable an understanding of the economic theory-based motivation for empirical hypotheses, and (iii) provide an introduction to, and evaluation of the empirical methods employed to test those hypotheses. The course seeks to prepare students for research careers in archival-empirical research.

BUSN 7300  3rd YR Empirical Paper & Pres  (3)  

BUSN 7330  Seminar: Mngment Commun  (0)  

BUSN 7410  Seminar On Acct & Econ  (3)  

BUSN 7510  Seminar In Org Beh I  (2-3)  

BUSN 7520  Sem Organiza Behavior II  (3)  

BUSN 7530  Seminar Org Behavior III  (3)  

BUSN 7540  Group Dynamics  (3)  

BUSN 7810  Strategic Management  (3)  

BUSN 8010  Studies In Account I  (1-3)  

BUSN 8020  Studies In Account II  (1-3)  

BUSN 8030  Studies In Account III  (1-3)  

BUSN 8040  Studies In Account IV  (1-3)  

BUSN 8310  Studies In Org Behav I  (1-3)  

BUSN 8320  Studies In Org Behav II  (1-3)  

BUSN 8330  Studies In Org Behav III  (1-3)  

BUSN 8340  Studies In Org Behav IV  (1-6)  

BUSN 8510  Studies In Finance I  (1-3)  

BUSN 8520  Studies In Finance II  (1-3)  

BUSN 8530  Studies In Finance III  (1-3)  

BUSN 8540  Studies In Finance IV  (1-3)  

BUSN 8550  PhD Investment Seminar  (3)  

BUSN 9950  Independent Study  (1-6)  

BUSN 9960  Thesis Development  (3)  

BUSN 9980  Advancd Financial Semina  (3)  

Course may be repeated up to unlimited credit hours.

Maximum Hours: 99

BUSN 9990  Dissertation Research  (0-3)  

Course may be repeated up to unlimited credit hours.

Maximum Hours: 99