University Catalog 2022-2023

American Sign Language Studies (ASLS)

American Sign Language Studies (ASLS)

ASLS 1010  American Sign Language I  (4)  

The purpose of this course is to enable students to acquire introductory knowledge of American Sign Language. A linguistic, communicative, and cultural approach will allow students to explore this visual-spatial language used by up to two million people in the United States. Instruction will focus on the development of receptive and expressive signing skills and on the acquisition of the fundamentals of applied grammar.

ASLS 1020  American Sign Language II  (4)  

Continuation of American Sign Language I, with focus on the expansion of vocabulary, a deepening of the understanding of grammatical structures, and the further development of communicative skills.

Prerequisite(s): ASLS 1010.

ASLS 2030  American Sign Language III  (4)  

Continuation of intermediate/advanced study in American Sign Language, with focus on the expansion of vocabulary, conversational skills, demonstrative skills, and receptive skills in a seminar setting. Use of grammatical structure in natural and informative settings and the further development of communicative skills. Prerequisite: ASLS 1020. Students may enroll in Optional 20-hour service-learning course ASLS 2890-11. The co-requisite course enrollment is required.

Prerequisite(s): ASLS 1020.

ASLS 3050  Introduction to Interpreting ASL to English to ASL  (3)  

This course offers an overview of the history, philosophy, and theory of interpreting, specifically focusing on American Sign Language to English to American Sign Language. Students will discuss the mandate for equal access required by the ADA as well as agencies' application. We will learn about the market needs, the population served, the schema where interpreting takes place, certifications required, ethical requirements and testing systems. Prerequisite: ASLS 1010 or equivalent.

Prerequisite(s): ASLS 1010.