Asian Studies (ASTA)

Asian Studies (ASTA)

ASTA 1800  Intro to Asian Studies  (3 Credit Hours)  

This course is designed to provide a general introduction to the field of Asian Studies and to familiarize students with its primary regions: East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Each of these regions is complex, rich in history and diverse cultures, and important in the global community. Introduction to Asian Studies provides students with a framework with which they can understand each major area in terms of aesthetic expression, cultural and linguistic groups, economics, geography, history, politics, philosophy, and religion.

ASTA 2940  Transfer Coursework  (0 Credit Hours)  

Transfer coursework.

ASTA 3180  Peoples of South Asia  (3 Credit Hours)  

A survey of the peoples and cultures of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sikkim, and Sri Lanka. Emphasis is placed upon the social organization and cultural history of the diverse peoples who have inhabited the Indian Triangle.

ASTA 3511  Intro to Chinese Linguistics  (3 Credit Hours)  

Introduction to Chinese Linguistics is designed to help Chinese learners understand Chinese grammar in a systematic manner as well as gain a theoretical perspective on Chinese language structure, give linguistic students a sense of how Chinese languages, in particular, Mandarin Chinese works and help (future) Chinese instructors gain the meta-linguistic knowledge in teaching Mandarin language. This course will be conducted in the form of lectures and student-led discussions. At the end of this course, students are expected to build a schema on Chinese language structure, gain a better pragmatic knowledge of Chinese language and have a better understanding of Chinese socio-cultural conventions in its language usage.

ASTA 3520  Modern Japanese Culture  (3 Credit Hours)  

Study of contemporary Japanese culture and society.

ASTA 3550  Feudal Japan- Samurai Era  (3 Credit Hours)  

Shogun & Samurai examines Japanese culture, history, and society from the dawn of the Samurai class until its demise in the last half of the nineteenth century. During this period, Japan evolved from a highly warlike society to one in which peace prevailed for more than 250 years. Topics to be covered include geography, prehistory, class/caste development, religion, warfare, urban development, theatre, fine arts, social control, and western contact. No prerequisites.

ASTA 3810  Modern Chinese Lit and Society  (3 Credit Hours)  

This course is a general introduction to the modern Chinese fiction, poetry, and prose from the early twentieth century to the present. 

ASTA 3910  Spec offer. In Asian Stu  (3 Credit Hours)  

Courses offered by visiting professors.

ASTA 4500  Special Topics  (3 Credit Hours)  

Special topics in Asian studies

ASTA 4880  Writing Intensive: ASTA 4500  (1 Credit Hour)  

Writing intensive.

Corequisite(s): ASTA 4910.

ASTA 4910  Independent Study  (1-3 Credit Hours)  

Independent study in Asian studies.

ASTA 4990  Honors Thesis  (3 Credit Hours)  

Honors thesis.

ASTA 5190  Semester Abroad  (1-20 Credit Hours)  

Semester abroad.

ASTA 5380  Junior Year Abroad  (1-20 Credit Hours)  

Junior year abroad.

ASTA 5390  Junior Year Abroad  (1-20 Credit Hours)  

Junior year abroad.

ASTA 5940  Transfer Coursework  (0 Credit Hours)  

Transfer coursework.