University Catalog 2019-2020

Schools, Departments and the Colleges

Schools, Departments and the Colleges

Newcomb-Tulane College

Founded in 2006, the Newcomb-Tulane College has administrative oversight for the full-time undergraduate experience and the common core curriculum. The Newcomb-Tulane College comprises all full-time undergraduate programs at the university, including those in architecture, business, liberal arts, public health and tropical medicine, and science and engineering. When a student designates a major, whether that decision is made upon admission or before the end of spring semester of the sophomore year, the student also will be considered a student in the school that houses that major. Thus, students simultaneously will be in the Newcomb-Tulane College and a school. The School of Professional Advancement oversees programs for part-time students.

Schools and Departments

As the homes of the academic departments, the schools define the requirements for the school-specific core curriculum and are responsible for designing majors/minors and the capstone experience. For graduating students, the schools also certify completion of majors/minors, the school core curriculum, and the capstone experience for the degree. The schools also deliver graduate and professional education and programs.