University Catalog 2024-2025

Clinical Research Certificate (Graduate)

The Certificate in Clinical research program is designed to provide clinical professionals with some fundamentals of clinical research with less time commitment than what is required for the MS degree program. The curriculum provides scholars with an introduction to research design, regulatory issues, statistical concepts and data management. The certificate curriculum is comprised of 5 courses (12 credit hours total) covering basic biostatistics, epidemiological methods, ethics and responsible conduct of research, protocol design and writing, and an elective (from MSCR-M courses). For those scholars admitted to the MSCR program, the credits from the certificate would apply towards their masters of Science degree in Clinical Research. The MSCR Certificate is open to medical professionals and trainees, and is especially suited for K award applicants and recipients who may acquire these skills as part of their educational component.

The MSCR Certificate Program is modeled after the Clinical Research and Training Courses offered by the NIH Clinical Center.