Newcomb Institute

Newcomb Institute

Newcomb Scholars Program

The Newcomb Scholars Program selects twenty intellectually curious and motivated undergraduates each year to participate in an academically rigorous interdisciplinary learning experience about feminist leadership. Together, the Scholars create a community of diverse thinkers, leaders, and activists, which challenges and empowers them to be innovative and compassionate feminist leaders in the 21st century.

Courses include:

INTU 1000 Hist &Phil of Higher Education (3 c.h.) with optional service-learning INTU 1890. Fulfills Textual and Historical Perspectives requirement

INTU 2000 Women Leading Change (4 c.h.) / POLC 3003 Women Leading Change (4 c.h.) Fulfills NTC and SLA writing requirement. 

INTU 2500 Digital Scholarship (1 c.h.)

INTU 3000 Feminist Epistemologies and Research Design (3 c.h.) Fulfills Race and Inclusion requirement

INTU 4000 Newcomb Research Seminar (1 c.h.)