University Catalog 2019-2020

Teach English Second Language (TESL)

Teach English Second Language (TESL)

TESL 3210  Methods for Teaching ESL  (3 Credit Hours)  

This course focuses on first language and ESL instruction for all English Language Learners especially elementary and secondary students (PreK-12). Second-language instructional theory and practice, materials selection and development for ELLs, and bilingual and ESL literacy and content area instruction are covered within the context a variety of language and program settings. Frameworks for evaluating curriculum materials and their instructional recommendations for ELL students are developed.

TESL 3220  Eng Structure for Teaching  (3 Credit Hours)  

This course explores the nuances of morphology, grammar, and semantics in English. Various approaches to the English language are covered, but the emphasis is on the practical implications for effective teaching.

TESL 3230  Language and Culture in Class  (3 Credit Hours)  

This course covers frameworks for understanding and analyzing language and culture. Within these frameworks, the course considers approaches to enhancing the cultural dimension of ESL/EFL instruction with an emphasis on developing enriching cultural interactions in the USA.

TESL 3240  Design for Multicultural Class  (3 Credit Hours)  

This course focuses on the processes and social factors that influence second language learning around the globe. In this discussion-based course, we will explore program models, national policies, theoretical bases, and current issues in curriculum design and consider the dynamics of creating culturally responsive curriculum that meets ever- changing and adapting student needs.

TESL 3892  Service Learning: TESL 3220  (0-1 Credit Hours)  

TESL 3893  Service Learning: TESL 3210  (0-1 Credit Hours)  

TESL 3894  Service Learning: TESL 3230  (0-1 Credit Hours)