Marketing (BSMK)

Marketing (BSMK)

BSMK 1940  Transfer Coursework  (3 Credit Hours)  

Transfer Coursework for BSMK discipline in BSLS Programs (1000 Level)

BSMK 2910  Special Topics in Marketing  (1-3 Credit Hours)  

Special topics in Marketing.

BSMK 2940  Transfer Coursework  (3 Credit Hours)  

Transfer Coursework for BSMK discipline in BSLS Programs (2000 Level).

BSMK 3200  Intro to Marketing Principles  (3 Credit Hours)  

A study of our present-day marketing system from a managerial point of view. Subjects covered include strategic marketing, products, consumers and target markets, promotion, channels of distribution, market research, pricing, feasibility analysis, and global marketing.

BSMK 3300  Consumer Behavior  (3 Credit Hours)  

Understanding the consumer is the key to developing and implementing successful marketing strategies. Disciplines such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology provide insight into the factors that influence the decision to buy. These factors are used to identify market segments and to explain their buying habits and mental processes.

BSMK 3400  Principles of Advertising  (3 Credit Hours)  

This course covers the fundamentals of advertising, beginning with the history and evolution of advertising as an element in the economy, a specialized form of communication, a craft, and an area of ethical sensitivity. At the practical level, students will be introduced to media planning and the emergence of new media, market research, agency organization and creativity as well as the legal and ethical concerns that advertising professionals must bear in mind.

BSMK 3410  Advertising II  (3 Credit Hours)  

Building on the Principles of Advertising, this course requires students to develop and present advertising campaign projects that involve organizing research, establishing goals and objectives, developing creative and messaging strategies, and preparing budgets similar to what advertising agencies do on a day-to-day basis. The projects will provide a greater mastery of advertising principles and provide completed projects for their portfolio.

Prerequisite(s): BSMK 3400.

BSMK 4910  Indpendent Studies  (1-3 Credit Hours)  

Independent Study in the BSMK discipline for the BSLS Programs.