Finance (BSFN)

Finance (BSFN)

BSFN 1940  Transfer Coursework  (3 Credit Hours)  

Transfer Coursework for BSFN discipline in BSLS Programs (1000 Level).

BSFN 2210  Intro to Finance  (3 Credit Hours)  

Analysis of business opportunities and problems from the financial manager's point of view. Special emphasis on determining discounted cash flow, analytical techniques and methods used in structuring the balance sheet. Some accounting desired.

BSFN 2540  Intro to Investing  (3 Credit Hours)  

Fundamental principles of investment and development of the student's ability to select the various investment securities that meet the investor's needs. A study of the principles and practices in security analysis and a review of the methods commonly employed in the analysis of financial statements.

BSFN 2910  Special Topics in Finance  (1-3 Credit Hours)  

Special Topics in Finance.

BSFN 2940  Transfer Coursework  (3 Credit Hours)  

Transfer Coursework for BSFN discipline in BSLS Programs (2000 Level).

BSFN 3310  Money and Banking  (3 Credit Hours)  

A  non-technical overview of the role of financial institutions in the economic process with emphasis upon the development of commercial banking since 1960. The course is structured to give relatively equal attention to each of the following three general areas: the supply of loanable funds, the demand for loanable funds, and money and capital markets.

BSFN 3540  Intermediate Investment  (3 Credit Hours)  

A continuation of Intro to Investing. This course explores investment topics as they relate to individual investors and professionals. Risk and return principles on securities and portfolios are studied as well as valuation techniques and analysis of fixed income securities, equities, and options. Financial statements, futures markets, portfolio theory, and capital market theory are also covered. The course assumes the student has a basic understanding of investment vehicles and their characteristics.

BSFN 3560  Personal Financial Planning  (3 Credit Hours)  

While laws and values continue to change, the abilities to analyze, evaluate and make decisions remain central to building financial security. The course develops these abilities and considers the skills to look for in selecting competent bankers, brokers, accountants, insurance and real estate professionals.

BSFN 4910  Independent Study  (1-3 Credit Hours)  

Independent Study in the BSFN discipline for the BSLS Programs.