Behavior and Code of Academic Conduct

Expected Behavior at Tulane University

Tulane University expects and requires behavior compatible with its high standards of scholarship. By accepting admission to the university, a student accepts its regulations (i.e., Code of Academic Conduct, Code of Student Conduct) and acknowledges the right of the university to take disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion, for conduct judged unsatisfactory or disruptive.

The integrity of Tulane University is based on the absolute honesty of the entire community in all academic endeavors. As part of the community, students have certain responsibilities regarding all independent work that forms the basis for the evaluation of their academic achievement. Students are expected to be familiar with these responsibilities at all times.

The scholarly community of the university depends on the willingness of both instructors and students to uphold the Code of Academic Conduct. When a violation of the Code of Academic Conduct is suspected, it is the duty of every member of the academic community who has evidence to take action. Students should take steps to uphold the Code of Academic Conduct by reporting any suspected offense to the instructor or the Honor Board. Students should under no circumstances tolerate any form of academic dishonesty.

Behavior Norms

Listed below are generally accepted guidelines for student behavior in classrooms, laboratories and studios. Instructors and schools may impose other expectations.


For all academic activities and disruptive behavior, the authority for control and discipline rests with the dean of Newcomb-Tulane College and the deans of the undergraduate schools. In all other areas, the vice president of student affairs is responsible for formulating appropriate procedures and regulations concerning student behavior and for the judicial consideration of violations. Students should refer to the Code of Student Conduct for a full description.

Code of Academic Conduct

This Code applies to all undergraduate students, full-time, and part-time, in Tulane University. The full text is available at: Hard copies are available in the Newcomb-Tulane College Dean's Office.

Code of Student Conduct

All students matriculating through Newcomb-Tulane College are bound by the code of student conduct that is administered by the Office of Student Affairs. The full text is available at