PRST 6900 Practicum

Each student in the Master of Preservation Studies Program must complete either a Practicum or a Masters thesis; The Practicum requires that the student work with a preservation entity on a volunteer basis for a period of twelve full-time weeks or its equivalent. A contract must be developed between the student and the agency that spells out very clearly what activities will be required and what desired results are to be. A comprehensive schedule of activities must be developed. The Practicum should focus on an area of the preservation profession that is of great interest to the student. The student shall submit a written Practicum Report that defines the Practicum and their special skills and knowledge learned through the experience. The report should document the Practicum process with text and visual illustrations. The initial contract, outlines of proposed activities and final report are to be approved by the Director of Preservation Studies. The Practicum Report will become an integral part of the Portfolio of Work that is to be submitted before approval for graduation.