PHYS 6230 Quantum Information Science and Engineering

This survey course introduces students to the new world of quantum information, quantum information, quantum communication, and quantum information, quantum communication, and quantum computing. The course is intended for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students in physics, engineereing, and mathematics. Topics include: Quantum states, operators, and linear algebra; Bits and qubits; Ensembles and density operators; Unitary transformations, Gates and circuits; Information and entropy; POVM measurement; Multipartite systems; Bell inequality; Bell states and non-locality; Measures of entanglement: Quantum communication and cryptography; Teleportation, Superdense coding; Quantum noise and error correction; Classical and quantum computational complexity; Quantum algorithms; Deutsch-Jozsa, Grover, Shor, DiVincenzo criteria; Physical realizations of quantum computers; trapped ions, solid state qubits; Quantum optics and quantum internet; Topological quantum computation; Quantum biology. (Same as ENGP 3230 and PHYS 6230).