NSCI 6910 Neuroscience Capstone

This course is designed for senior neuroscience majors who have completed their core course requirements of Brain and Behavior, Cellular Neuroscience and Systems Neuroscience. It is designed to be a culminating experience in which students utilize and apply their skills and knowledge developed over the course of their major. This course will have three versions. One; Service and Application of Neuroscience " will allow students to apply their knowledge of basic neuroscience in approved clinical or educational settings while providing service to the community. Second; Independent Research and Writing in Neuroscience " this is for students to do independent research in the laboratory of a neuroscience faculty member and to complete a written assignment that includes a review of the pertinent neuroscience literature and/or a summary of the completed research. Third; Concepts and Applications " this option is for students to participate in a combination of journal club/seminar series, in which students will present and discuss neuroscience research articles and attend neuroscience seminars presented by researchers from Tulane and other institutions. For all three options each student will complete a final project to be agreed upon by the instructor and student.