MATH 7110 Algebra I

Vector spaces: matrices, eigenvalues, Jordan canonical form. Elementary number theory: primes, congruences, function, linear Diophantine equations, Pythagorean triples. Group theory: cosets, normal subgroups, homomorphisms, permutation groups, theorems of Lagrange, Cayley, Jordan-Hlder, Sylow. Finite abelian groups, free groups, presentations. Ring theory: prime and maximal ideals, fields of quotients, matrix and Noetherian rings. Fields: algebraic and transcendental extensions, survey of Galois theory. Modules and algebras: exact sequences, projective and injective and free modules, hom and tensor products, group algebras, finite dimensional algebras. Categories: axioms, subobjects, kernels, limits and colimits, functors and adjoint functors.