EDUC 6970 Internship in Dance Education K-12

The year-long internship (2 semesters) is the culminating course of Tulane's Teacher Preparation & Certification Program and occurs the year following the completion of the first 27 hours of professional coursework. The candidate must blend theory and practice in the actual activity of teaching all day. Students will attend a series of seminars and conduct an action research project directly related to their teaching assignment. Candidates must be hired as a full-time teacher in a school system and will be under the supervision of a mentor teacher at the school site as well as university faculty. Dance candidates will be placed in a setting that provides experience in both elementary and secondary level dance education. Candidates will be under the supervision of an experienced cooperating teacher/artist-teacher at the school site as well as university faculty with extensive teaching experience. Dance candidate placements will be in schools with both discipline-specific and curriculum-based programming wherever possible. Candidates who have completed at least three years of classroom teaching may be eligible for a waiver from this final clinical.