Urban Studies Minor

Additional Information on the Urban Studies program

The Urban Studies minor is intended for any undergraduate student seeking to develop a multi-disciplinary but focused exploration of cities, urban life and artifacts, and the design and organization of urban space and experience. It is designed to complement pursuit of any major(s) throughout the Liberal Arts, Science and Engineering, Architecture, Public Health, and Business and offers an excellent academic supplement to pre-professional training for many areas of law, social work, and medicine.


Six courses (minimum of 18 credits) are required for the minor in Urban Studies which includes

Additional Information

Plus four additional electives from among approved urban courses (see list below). Students must ensure that at least one elective course (3 credits) is at the 300 level or higher and that elective courses are drawn at least two departments, programs, or schools.

* Any course in which a student earns less than C- does not count toward fulfillment of the minor program. Students must achieve a C average across all required coursework.


See Notes 1 and  2

Course Notes:

1 In as much as course offerings change, students are advised to check with the Urban Studies Program for up-to-date listings and may petition the Urban Studies Steering Committee in advance regarding other course approvals. 2 Listed courses may have prerequisites. Prospective students should consult the catalog and/or relevant department. a AHST crosslisted with RBST 691 b ECON 342 crosslisted with HISU 342