Spanish Major

Additional Information on the Department of Spanish and Portuguese

The major in Spanish consists of 33 credits (11 courses) to be distributed in the following manner:

300 level (three courses, nine credits)
[2] One of the following:
[3] One of the following four courses:
400 level (five courses, 15 credits)
[6-8] Three of the following:
600 level (three courses, nine credits)

Two electives


All courses in the major must be taken in sequence, although two sequential classes may be taken simultaneously. Students may not receive credit for courses out of sequence. Two courses, one in numbers [6-8] and one in [9-10], must treat pre-twentieth-century periods.

The following courses satisfy the pre-twentieth-century requirement:
400 level:
600 level:

Other courses may also apply with departmental approval.

Students with a double major in another department complete 30 credits or ten courses in the major, with a reduction of one 600level course in [9-10]. Majors may receive credit for one course taught in English. SPAN 685 must be taken in the department.