French Major

Additional Information on the Department of French and Italian

The major in French introduces students to the literature, culture, and thought of France and the Francophone world, including North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Students may also explore Creole and Cajun languages in linguistics classes and field work. The junior year and semester abroad programs are integral to the majors in French and Italian and are also encouraged for non-majors.

(eleven courses, 33 credits)

Group I Basic Core Courses (15 credit hours)
Group II Advanced Courses (7 credit hours)
Group III: Electives at the 4000 or 6000 level (12 credit hours)

One of these advanced electives must be a Literature course. Students who are double majoring may eliminate one of these electives, thus reducing the total number of credit hours required for the major to 31. For one of these advanced electives, students may substitute a 3000-level course taught in English by the Department (e.g. FREN 3110 French Cinema) OR an advanced course in a related field (e.g. a course in French Art, French History, French Politics).

A senior thesis written for Honors in French can count as one of these electives.

5000-level courses taken abroad that have been approved as counting toward the FREN major are generally included among the Group III electives.

NB: FREN 4560/4570 (Internship Studies) does not count toward the major. The typical Internship involves 60 hours of work, carries 1 credit hour and is graded on an S/U basis.

In order to complete the major, the student must have taken at least five French courses taught on this campus.

The Senior Seminar is ofered in the fall semester only. It is required of all French majors, even those who are double majors. In other words, the Capstone experience is a requirement of the major.

Francophone Area Studies Concentration

Students with a strong interest in the histories, cultures, and literatures of French-speaking peoples outside of Europe (the Maghreb, sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, Viet Nam, Louisiana) and the linguistic particularities of those areas can pursue a Francophone Studies Concentration within the French major. Students will take at least three courses in Francophone Area Studies from the list of catalog courses below. Students may also seek approval for relevant special topics courses (recent examples of which are listed below). The completion of the Concentration will appear on students’ transcripts.

Courses in the Francophone Area Studies Concentration
Catalog Courses:
Recent Special Topics Courses: