Dance Major

Additional Information on the Department of Theatre and Dance

An audition is required for the B.A. program in dance.

The Bachelor of Arts curriculum focuses on development of technical abilities, choreographic skill, teaching methods and the study of dance history. The program strives to unite academic and artistic inquiry with sustained civic engagement in the local and global community.  

The dance major requires 41 credits as follows:
Major Courses (29 credits)
Theatre or Dance Elective *

* Elective must be a 3-credit course at the 3000- or 4000-level excluding technique classes.

Capstone Course (Required for Major-Choose One)
Dance Technique (12 credits)

In ballet or modern dance students must achieve level IV in either ballet or modern dance technique and level III in the other in order to graduate. Students who demonstrate proficiency at the technique level III in modern dance or ballet (3800, 3820, 3830, 3840) will be place at level IV (4800, 4820, 4830, 4840). Each of these courses may be repeated for credit.

Note: a minimum of two semesters of ballet and a minimum of two semesters of modern dance are required. Students will be evaluated at the end of each academic year. Dance majors must continue to be enrolled for credit in ballet or modern dance through graduation.

Major Courses
Capstone options