Communication Major

Additional Information on the Department of Communication

The major in communication provides students with an understanding of theories, processes, and practices of human communication, with an emphasis on the following areas: media and technology; cultural identities and relationships; politics and political economy. The major consists of ten courses with a minimum of 30 credits.

Three core methods courses are required of all majors
Close textual analysis
Identity and relationship analysis
And media or technology analysis
In addition

Majors consult with their advisors to select seven elective courses. At least four of these courses must be 300 level or above, and two must be 400-level or above. In general, 100 and 200 level courses are introductory courses. 300-level courses encourage applications of communication theory through research methods and service learning. Most 400 level classes are courses stressing writing, creative production, or a service learning internship. Students wishing to graduate with honors in communication must take either the graduate seminar (COMM 621 or 622) or another 400-level honors course, and complete an honors project. Majors planning to enter the Junior Year Abroad program should seek departmental advice as early as possible.