Art History Major

Additional Information on the Department of Art

The major in art history is designed to impart an understanding of the historical development and context of art, primarily in western Europe and the Americas. Majors are required to take 33 credits in art history, which must include a two-semester survey (101 and 102) and a minimum of nine advanced classes or 27 credits distributed among three broad areas. At least two courses should be in two of the following fields and at least one course in the other: (1) Ancient, Pre-Columbian, and African; (2) Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque; (3) Modern and American. At least two other courses must be seminars at the 600 level. Students are also encouraged to take a foundations course in studio art for the insight provided into the making of works of art. A limited number of internships in local museums are available for academic credit. A one-credit writing practicum that satisfies the college intensive writing requirement is available with art history courses at the 600 level.