Anthropology Major

Additional Information on the Department of Anthropology

Students who choose to receive the B.S. degree must have credit for two mathematics courses: a) one calculus course, MATH 121 or equivalent; and b) one statistics course MATH 123, or a higher level class in statistics.

Ten courses (excluding writing practica) totaling no fewer than 30 credits of approved course work are required for a major in anthropology. Only one course, Anthropology 406, is required for majors; this is a three-credit proseminar in general anthropology given in the Spring semester. In addition, there is a general distribution requirement within the major; at least one course above the 100 level must be taken in each of the four major subdivisions of anthropology: social/cultural anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, and physical anthropology.

Other anthropology courses used to satisfy the 30-credit requirement should be chosen in response to the students specific interests. Up to six credits toward the anthropology major may be given for courses offered by other departments of the university, provided that such courses are directly relevant to anthropology and to the students specific course of study. Requests for approval of courses offered by other departments (for example, art history, biology, economics, geology, history, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, sociology) should be addressed to the adviser of majors. This flexibility permits many of the students majoring in anthropology to have double majors in their disciplines and to integrate their study of anthropology with various preprofessional (e.g., premedical) curricula.

Students planning graduate work in anthropology should take coursework in statistics either outside the major or within it (Anthropology 601).

The subject matter of anthropology is such that most of the curriculum is not an explicitly graded sequence. Few anthropology courses at Tulane have specific prerequisites (exceptions, mostly linguistic courses, are noted in the catalog), and anthropology majors are expected to choose their courses from among all those with numbers less than 700. The 600-level courses are specifically designed for undergraduate as well as graduate students, and all junior and senior majors should choose freely from among these offerings.

The anthropology department administers the Kenneth J. Opat Fund in Anthropology, reserved for the support of undergraduate research in anthropology. Students majoring in anthropology are encouraged to seek further information from the adviser of majors about the use of this research fund.