Altman Program in International Studies and Business

Program Description

The Altman Program in International Studies & Business is a special four-year undergraduate program that integrates liberal arts and business disciplines, extensive language instruction, and two study abroad experiences in the developed and developing worlds. Altman Scholars earn two degrees - a Bachelor of Arts from the School of Liberal Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Management from the A. B. Freeman School of Business. Altman Scholars specialize in a region of the world in which their chosen foreign language is spoken, and will be able to combine practical and theoretical knowledge of global economies with deep cultural and linguistic competency. The program admits a cohort of 15 students who are selected before their matriculation at Tulane as freshmen.


The Altman Program combines the curricula of two undergraduate degree programs: the School of Liberal Arts and the A. B. Freeman School of Business. Students may major in finance, management, marketing, or legal studies at the Freeman School and may major in approved social science, area studies or language disciplines within the School of Liberal Arts. The link between the two majors in the schools is the interdisciplinary “Altman Core,” the curricular focus of the Altman Program, which includes a common experience every semester, a summer group immersive experience abroad, a junior year abroad experience, and integrative seminars in the senior year.

Specific courses open only to students in this program include a TIDES seminar; ISIB 1010, Introduction to Globalization; ISIB 2010, Inter-cultural Communication and Business; ISIB 6010, Approaches to Global Dilemmas; and ISIB 6020, Altman Capstone.