Paralegal Studies, B.A.

Students may elect to major in paralegal studies as they work towards their Bachelor of Arts degree which requires a total of 120 credit hours. Students who choose this option will receive a Certificate in Paralegal Studies at the same time they receive their bachelor’s degree. To successfully complete the major, the student must maintain a 2.000 grade-point average in all paralegal courses taken, as well as a 2.00 cumulative grade point average. Students who have earned an Associate of Arts degree in Paralegal Studies from the School of Continuing Studies will have already completed all but two of the advanced electives required for the major.

Eleven courses and an internship (which has a classroom component) are required for the major. Of the eleven courses, six are the required core courses (see above). In addition students must complete five advanced elective courses and the internship course. Advanced electives courses are paralegal courses at or above the 400-level, a selection of which are offered on a rotating bases each semester. The core courses must be taken before registering for any of the advanced electives. Generally, the internship is taken in the last semester of enrollment.

In addition, students must complete the School of Continuing Studies general education requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Core Courses in Paralegal Studies

Requirements for the Associate of Arts, the Bachelor of Arts, and the Certificate in Paralegal Studies include the following sequence of 6 core courses:

Sequence of courses: