Liberal Arts, M.L.A.

The Master of Liberal Arts program emphasizes graduate-level reading, thinking, and writing in areas that cross disciplinary lines. The program is designed for full-time students as well as part-time students who are usually already established in their careers. To encourage learning as a continuing challenge, it features the intensity of classroom discussion, the excitement of confronting new ideas, and the advantages of an academic environment. The program draws on the intellectual resources of faculty members from a wide variety of departments who enjoy approaching their academic disciplines from a new direction.

The Master of Liberal Arts program is offered by the School of Continuing Studies. To enroll in the program, a student must first apply to the School of Continuing Studies for admission as a part-time graduate student. Requirements for the degree include completion of two core courses within a single track and seven other graduate-level courses. In addition to the two core courses, seven elective courses drawn from the offerings are required; additional core courses may be taken as electives. During the evening each semester the university offers a broad range of courses in English, history, philosophy, sociology, foreign languages, and literature, among others, which are open to M.L.A. students. Special courses designed exclusively for M.L.A. students are also offered as electives. Finally, completion of a project, normally a thesis, related to the theme of the students track or educational plan is required.

After completion of the two core courses, the student is eligible to transfer from the School of Continuing Studies to the school which actually confers the degree. For course numbers and descriptions of the core courses and special offerings, please consult the School of Continuing Studies section of the catalog and the current Schedule of Classes.