Casino Resort Studies, A.A.

Students must have a 2.00 grade-point average in all required coursework as well as a 2.00 cumulative GPA. At least half of the general requirements and half of the core requirements must be completed at Tulane University.

1. General Requirements for all Casino Resort Studies Associate of Art Degrees:

The following credits are required for the Casino Resort Studies Associate’s Degrees:

Writing Competency

Quantitative Reasoning

Perspectives Outside the European Tradition/Comparative Cultures (nonwestern)/ Foreign Language 3/4

Supporting Requirement

Oral Communication:

Distribution Requirements
Social Science electives 6 credits
Humanities electives 6 credits
Science electives 6 credits

Total 34 Credits

Designated Writing Course 3-4 credits

In addition to the 34 credits of general requirements, the Associate of Arts in Casino Resort Studies requires 24 credits of casino resort studies core requirements for a total of 60 credits.

2. Core Courses

Core courses in the Casino Resort Studies program are classes that provide a solid foundation of study. Students in the program must take these seven classes. Note: The internship does not apply to students seeking a minor.

Total 18 credits

3. Elective Courses

In addition to the required core courses, students may select an additional one elective (for an Associate of Art or Postbaccalaureate certificate) or one elective class for a minor. The following are proposed electives, and each is a three-credit course.