Religious Studies Major

Additional Information on the Religious Studies program

Religious studies is a major designed to provide students with the methodology used to study religion as a fundamental human experience and to introduce students to the history of western and non-western religious traditions. The major in religious studies consists of ten courses including the five required core courses. The core courses include an introduction to the methodologies used in the study of religion, a basic course in the foundations of each of the three major religious traditions of the western world; (Greco-Roman religion, Judaism, and Christianity) and a course in non-Western religion. The remaining five courses should be selected from the list of electives and must include one course at or above the 400 level.

Core Courses

(five courses required)

Introductory Course

Western Religions

Non-Western Religions

Elective Courses

Note: Any course listed above in Non-Western may be taken as an elective.