Musical Composition, B.F.A.

Additional Information on the Department of Music

The B.F.A. degree program in musical composition or in musical performance elaborates upon the fundamental academic competencies developed in the B.A. degree program with additional course work in the creative or performing aspects of music. The B.F.A. in musical composition or in musical performance consists of 50 to 53 credits as follows:

4 Semesters of Musicology

4 Semesters of Music Theory

4 Semesters of Musicianship Laboratory

And 22 to 25 additional specialty credits approved by the students private instructor and the chair of the department (recommended for composers:

And one course from

Recommended for performers:

In addition

Performance majors present junior (30-minute) and senior (60-minute) recitals, and majors in composition present a senior (60-minute) recital. Students are officially admitted to the B.F.A. program only upon successful completion of the core academic curriculum: