Latin American Studies Major

Additional Information on the Latin American Studies program

The B.A. in Latin American Studies requires a minimum of 30 credit hours in 10 Latin American content courses. Courses are selected from the various departments offering classes in the field as well as from Latin American Studies.

Required Courses

Additional Information

Six of the remaining seven Latin American content electives must be at the 200-level or higher. Finally, three must be at the 600-level. Students who take at least 20 college credits in 7 courses with Latin American content while on academic programs in Latin America approved by Tulane are required to take only two courses at the 600-level. All 600-level coursework for the major must be taken in residence at Tulane University; courses taken abroad will not count toward this requirement.


Five elective courses must concentrate on one of the themes that are the foundation of the interdisciplinary Latin American Studies program at Tulane. The concentration system serves to focus the coursework of Latin American Studies majors and minors. Working with the Undergraduate Adviser, students may choose one of the following:

Creativity Encounter Exchange Identity
Land Nation People Welfare

Students will work closely with the undergraduate adviser to construct a coherent concentration of coursework, as Latin American content electives include a wide variety taught in several disciplines.

Language Requirement

Latin American Studies majors must demonstrate linguistic competency in either Spanish or Portuguese. This can be done in one of three ways:

  1. complete with a passing grade at least one course at the 400-level or higher in Spanish or Portuguese
  2. complete with passing grades at least one semester of coursework in Spanish or Portuguese on a study abroad program
  3. place into the 600-level on the language test administered by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Note that, with the exception of SPAN 313, language classes below the 400-level do not count as electives for the Latin American Studies major or minor programs.

Sample Courses by Concentration

Note that these lists are not comprehensive and do not account for all of the courses offered in each department nor those that might be offered as special topics in the departments or Latin American Studies. Courses taken abroad and on Tulane summer programs can also count toward the concentrations.