German Studies Major

Additional Information on the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies

The major in German Studies consists of a total of 30 credits or ten courses beyond GERM 203, with 4 Foundational courses (12 credits) and 5 Advanced courses (18 credits).

All German studies majors complete three advanced courses, one 400/600-level course, one Advanced Undergraduate Seminar and one Senior Seminar (which fulfills the Capstone requirement). The three advanced courses may include up to two courses taught in English at the 300 level (providing there is a significant reading and writing requirement in German) and/or up to two electives at the advanced level in a related field outside the department, e.g., courses in German art, history, music, philosophy, and politics.

A student entering Tulane without any prior German knowledge could take beginning language classes his/her first three semesters, and then take an average of two courses for the next five semesters.

Example Curriculum:

Fall Spring
First Year GERM 101 GERM 102
Second year GERM 203 GERM 305 & GERM 316
Third year GERM 325 & GERM 344 (Engl.) GERM 326 & GERM 355 (Engl.)
Fourth Year

GERM 480 & Elective (Music)

GERM 400-level & GERM 680

Group I. Foundational Courses (four courses, 12 credits)

3 courses chosen from the following


Group II. Advanced Courses (six courses, 18 credits)