Geology Major

Additional Information on the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

The major in geology provides students with an understanding of the materials that make up the Earth, the history of the Earth, and the physical, chemical, and biological processes that have operated on and within the Earth throughout its history.

The major consists of a minimum of ten courses including

Elective Courses

Two additional 6000-level courses including accompanying laboratories where scheduled.

All majors must complete


The following mathematics classes must be taken to meet the B.S. degree requirements.

Mathematics and Science

These supporting science and mathematics courses may not be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory


In the senior year, all students are required to complete a capstone experience course .

Additional Information

In the junior and senior years, students preparing to enter graduate school are strongly urged to elect additional courses in their discipline; this may result in students attaining more than the total number of credits required for graduation (see Newcomb-Tulane core curriculum for provisions for earning graduate credit in the senior year). All majors are expected to participate in certain departmental activities, including field trips (held annually or semiannually) and special lecture programs given by visiting speakers.