English Major

The English major program seeks to expose students to a wide range of texts and methodologies, to develop an awareness of the histories and contexts of literature, and to cultivate the fundamental skills of critical reading and writing. The major consists of ten courses. A gateway course, ENLS 200, is required. There are two distribution requirements: one early period course in literature before 1800 and one course in American literature. A single course cannot fulfill both distribution requirements. At least seven of the ten major courses must be advanced courses; advanced courses include all courses at the 400-level or above as well as the following writing courses: ENLS 263, 361, 362, 363, 364, 365, and 367. In addition, the major includes a capstone requirement, which the student can fulfill through the capstone seminar (ENLS 501), taken in the junior or senior year, or through an honors thesis (ENLS 499-500). The capstone seminar or the honors thesis fulfill the writing intensive requirement for English majors. Students may choose one of six optional concentrations in the major: American Literature (ENGA); British Literature (ENGB): Literature, Culture, and Community (ENGC); Global Literature and Comparative Studies (ENGG); and a Self-designed concentration (ENGS). Students may, with the approval of their major adviser and the Director of Undergraduate Studies, count one course taken in another department as an elective within the English major. Up to two internships may be taken for credit in the major. For students pursuing departmental honors, only four of the credits for the honors thesis (ENLS 500) will count towards the major requirements


Also including the following writing courses: