Chemistry Major

Additional Information on the Department of Chemistry

Major Program

Students majoring in chemistry must satisfy the general requirements of the B.S. curriculum.

Required courses

Chemistry elective courses

One of the lecture-lab combinations, 231, 233 or 321 and 323, or 331 and 333;

Other elective courses

In order to complete the major, three additional, three-credit courses above the 100 level are required. List of approved elective courses for the chemistry major. Check with the Chemistry Department for approval of other courses.

Additional Information

Students intending to pursue graduate work in chemistry or in an allied interdisciplinary field should select their programs with care. Unless an interdisciplinary program of graduate work is contemplated, students should elect advanced chemistry courses, including 401 and/or 402 to complete the major. Close consultation with their department advisors will assure development of programs which can be recommended for graduate work.

The Department of Chemistry is fully accredited by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society.

The ACS will certify a degree which includes:

Premedical students should elect

In addition: