African and African Diaspora Studies Major

Information on the African and African Diaspora Studies Program

Ten courses (minimum of 30 credits) are required for the major. The major consists of the following:

I. Course Work

II. One of the following courses in history or culture:

III. Senior seminar

IV. Seven additional elective courses

Students must ensure that at least three of the electives (nine credits) are at the 400 level or higher and no more than three electives (nine credits) are at the 100 or 200 levels. Furthermore, students must choose elective courses from both the humanities as well as the social and behavioral sciences and must fulfill a distribution component of at least two courses (six credits) in African studies and two courses (six credits) in African Diaspora studies.



African Diaspora

Other Electives

The following courses which do not meet the requirements for African or African Diaspora distribution credits nevertheless may be taken as electives by majors as well as minors. In addition, students may petition to count any African and African Diaspora studies related course currently being offered at Tulane or taken at other universities as part of their own curriculum. Such petitions will be considered by the program director in consultation with the program executive committee. Please note that of the courses below, a maximum of three dance credits may count toward the major or minor.