THEA 303 Suzuki

Internationally renowned theatre director Tadashi Suzuki developed the well-established Suzuki Acting Method. Technically speaking, the method consists of training to learn to speak powerfully and with clear articulation, and is also used to enhance the expressiveness of the whole body. It is thus that actors can learn the best way to exist on the stage. The goal is therefore to make it possible for actors to develop their ability of physical expression and also to nourish a tenacity of concentration. The class activities include a series of exercises involving the physical center of the body in motion off center/on center within a consistent level of energy. This training is a vocabulary necessary to materialize the theatre and requires assimilation of the vocabulary by the actor as a second instinct. These techniques should be studied, mastered, until they serve as an operational hypothesis, so that the actors may truly feel themselves fictional on stage. For actors to realize the images they themselves pursue, they will have to develop at least this basic physical sensibility.