PHYS 305 Spectroscopy of Solids and Atoms

This course deals with the interaction of photons with matter. Topics will include some of the ideas of quantum electrodynamics that form the basic underpinning of all forms of electromagnetic interactions with matter. Absorption, reflection, and scattering of radiation in the spectral region extending from the infrared to the x-ray region of the spectrum will be described and will include experimental methods used to study gases and condensed matter materials. Emphasis will be given to photoionization, autoionization, Raman, Compton, Bragg, and Rayleigh scattering, and how these phenomena are used to study the electronic properties of matter. Sources, including lasers and synchrotron radiation, and instrumentation for their use will be discussed.

pre-rec: PHYS 131, 132, 235, 236, or consent of instructor.