MGMT 401 Strategic Management

MGMT 401 must be taken concurrently with MGMT 490. Together, these courses serve as the Business Capstone Experience. By integrating the knowledge and skills acquired from the BSM core curriculum, students will identify and diagnose the strategic issues that companies face in complex and competitive environments. Strategic Management encompasses a series of interrelated steps in which managers conduct analyses at the industry, business and corporate levels, decide on strategies to enhance firm competitiveness, put those strategies into action, and constantly evaluate and modify those strategies as needed. This case-based course helps the students to develop skills in conducting industry analysis, identifying the firms resources and capabilities, and addressing problems in strategy implementation. In MGMT 401, students assume the role of the practicing general manager, developing a capacity to propose and implement sound, realistic, and specific solutions for the firms strategic problems.

pre-rec: All 300-level BSM core classes, enrollment limited to students with senior standing, with priority given to graduating seniors.
co-rec: MGMT 401 must be taken concurrently with MGMT 490.
notes: This is a required course in the A. B. Freeman School of Business Core Curriculum.