MDAR 330 Digital Imaging II

This course will build upon the fundamental imaging skills learned in MDAR-350. In this class the student will learn advanced Photoshop concepts of creating masks, automating batch processes, working with spot colors and alpha channels and using clipping paths. How to create and effectively use adjustment layers, and layer effects will be covered, as well as a presentation of Photoshops type features. Pen tool skills will be refined so that precise manipulations of an image are possible. How to compose composite images and using Photoshop to create illustrations will be presented. There will be an in depth look at the construction of bit map images along with Photoshops compression and exchange formats. Effectively preparing images for prepress and web publication, and exporting and importing images between Photoshop and other programs will be examined.


MDAR 230.

notes: (was MDAR 351)