DSGN 510 Master of Architecture Thesis

The final degree project is the culmination of the architectural design curriculum and the capstone project for architecture students. Students undertake one of three streams for their final research and design project: Thesis Studio, Research Studio or an Advanced Integrated Studio. Students who elect to do an independent Thesis Studio must fulfill specific academic requirements (see section on policy), have prepared a thesis proposal by the beginning of the fall semester, and have approval for this proposal by the thesis directors. Independent Research Theses may also be undertaken by those students who have a demonstrated record of academic excellence (with a cumulative and design grade point average of 3.6-4.0), and have prepared a research proposal approved in advance both by a faculty sponsor and the thesis directors. Each of the curricular streams for the Master of Architecture Thesis will consist of DSGN 510: Thesis Research + Analysis and DSGN 520: Thesis Design Studio.